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Anything that moves can have a Screenprinted message affixed to it. Trains, trucks, buses, taxis and cars are all used by advertisers to promote their name or message by means of Screenprinted decals. Magnetic material is used widely for identification on company vehicle fleets, as the vehicle value is easily maintained.

Product Identification
Product identification decals and transfers are widely used on items such as outboard motors, electrical appliances, sports equipment, toys etc.
Double sided decals present very well in retail windows where impact is imperative.
This, combined with the use of electrostatic decals, is perfect for seasonal promotions.
Decals are usually printed on self adhesive stocks of vinyl, paper, clear P.V.C. or electrostatic P.V.C.

Point of Purchase

Screenprinted point of purchase items are an invaluable tool for backing up media advertising at the purchase point. A showcard, poster, or display unit at the point where the item is sold leads the customer right to the product.
Screenprinted displays can be produced in cardboard, acrylic, plastic foam, corflute, timber, metal, etc. They can be cut to shape, hang from the ceiling, strutted to stand on the counter, mounted with springs, dangle from shelves or products, slide into fittings, animated or back lit.

Display Posters

Many mundane "everyday" products need to have simple economical packaging so that they retain an "everyday" price. To help boost sales in consumables often posters advertising new attributes or competitions are used to liven up a products appeal.
Small run posters, corflute signs and banners can be used together with other forms of advertising to make your merchandise stand out.

Brand Associasion

Often screenprinted point of sale stands and posters are used to complementarange of products that are new to the market place, or to enhance an existing products appeal.
These marketing tools are particularly successful for seasonal sales or one of specials. Often decals can be given away with the purchased product to become secondary marketing tools such as with the sale of a new car, always with the dealer's logo and name on it.



Bright Ideas

Often a new approach to presentation is required to grab market share. Often the versatility of the screenprinter enables a new image to be associated with a package or product.
This flexibility, combined with the many types of substrate available for use by the screenprinter, bring many exciting possibilities forward for increased sales.

Outdoor Signs

Most of the large 24 sheet posters, railwayhoarding signs and maxi signs yousee on your travels are Screenprinted. The inks used give great impact in depth of colour, brightness and light fastness.
Large banners of calico or plastic are often seen affixed by rope to buildings, across streets, service stations, fair grounds, sports stadiums, etc.
Outdoor signs have terrific exposure potential.


Problems with awkward shapes and sizes can be overcome by the ingenuity of the Screenprinter.
Many cardboard packs and boxes, particularly for large items are screenprinted. Most plastic and glass containers are printed by the screen process.

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